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Do you have a dog that is shy or scared of the world? Is your canine afraid to leave home? Does your dog get reactive when they see other pets or people? If yes, then this is the training program for you. 

Many dogs exhibit behaviors when outside of their homes that they don’t normally demonstrate when around their family. The purpose of Socialization Training is to help dogs build confidence and impulse control so that their behavior is consistent, regardless of where they are or who they are around. The most balanced dog is one that has been exposed to a variety of dogs, people, and environments. Socialization Training provides a level of confidence for your dog to be in an aware mindset when socially interacting with these different stimuli. Basically, it is conditioning your dog to think before they respond. We offer day training programs where you can pick up and drop off your pet each day and we also offer overnight training. We have customizable programs!

Schedule your Socialization Training session or program today or contact us for more information! 

5 Day Socialization
Training Program

5 Day Overnight
Socialization Training Program

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