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Our day training program is a Monday through Friday day care style training for dogs. This form of training allows dogs to experience training from our skilled staff during the day and lets them enjoy the comfort of home in the evening. This program is set up to drop your pet off every morning, and pick up every evening. Your dog’s lodging will be private and temperature controlled. During your dog's daily stay, our resident trainers will work with your dog one on one. These sessions typically focus on basic obedience where your dog will learn the 7 on leash basic commands: PLACE, SIT, DOWN, STAY, HEEL, OFF AND COME. We also address minor behavioral issues like mouthiness, jumping, and introduction to potty training command. Training dogs requires repetition and consistency, this is referred to as classical conditioning. You will receive daily updates with videos and/or pictures of your pet. To transition your dog to go home, the trainer will complete hands-on training sessions with you on Fridays at pick up. On the final day of training, you will receive a written exit plan. It will be important to continue to reinforce each command at home after the training.

15 Day On Leash Training Program

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