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Our overnight training program is similar to a bootcamp that allows your dog to be in a completely controlled environment during the training process. It will start on a Monday and complete 3 weeks later on a Friday. Your dog’s lodging will be private and temperature controlled, while meals and breaks will be given regularly. You will receive daily updates with videos and/or pictures of your pet. During your dog's stay, our residential trainers will work with them daily in a one-on-one setting. These sessions typically focus on basic obedience where your dog will learn the 7 on leash basic commands: PLACE, SIT, DOWN, STAY, HEEL, OFF AND COME. We also address minor behavioral issues like mouthiness, and jumping. Training dogs requires repetition and consistency, this is referred to as classical conditioning. The benefit of Overnight Training is our trainers are able to create consistency through a daily routine. This training program is perfect for owners who want to train their dog, but do not have the time and ability to do it themselves. To transition your dog to go home, the trainer will complete a hands-on training session with you and your dog on the final day of training as well as a written exit plan.


3 Week Overnight Training (On Leash)

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